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Illustrated by Gloria Kaincn 


©CopyrlKlu Hit bj Omeral Mill*. Inc. All right? rctarved Na iM.riion trf ll iy be reprinted In »ny 

form without the writti publishers, except by a reviewer who wllhei to quote brief pas- 

Mge* flncker la Hie I rade uame of General Mill- Printed In the 1 S 


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Meet Our Home Testers 

The 12 boys and girls who tested all these recipes 


"We tested about 136 
recipes and we liked al- 
most every one of them." 

"All those recipes sound 
like a lot of work. But 
we loved it." 


"We always said what 
we thought, even if it 
wasn't complimentary." 

"We had to say if 
things were easy or 
hard and did they taste 

"We learned what 
things mean, like baste 
and fold and sift." 

"If we didn't like it, 
Betty Crocker didn't 
put it in this book." 

"It's important to meas- 
ure exactly. When we 
didn't we had trouble." 

"Being a home tester 
was the most exciting 
thing I ever did." 

"After all the recipes 
were tested we had a 
wonderful party." 

"Our mother marked 
what we made excel- 
lent, good, fair, or 

"We had to say if we 
liked things enough to 
make them again." 

It's really easy to cook, 
if you do what it says 
in the recipe." 


Drum Cake 33 

Extra Special Drinks .... 34 

Paintbrush Cookies ... 3 g 

Zoo Cake 38 

Heart Cake 39 

Easter Hat Cake 39 

Eskimo Igloo Cake 40 

Clown Cupcakes 73 

Ice Cream Cone Cakes ... 74 

Good Kid Cookies .... 76 

Kabobs ...... 70 

Doughboys 79 

Eggs in a Frame 80 

Branded Pancakes .... go 

Pigs in Blankets 113 

Hamburgers 114 

Breads 116 

Cereal Faces llg 

Cheese Dreams 12 o 

American Pizza .... ik 3 

Long John Silver Sandwich 154 

Desserts 156 

Raggedy Ann Salad 158 

Three Men in a Boat 159 

Cookies . . . . , lg0 

Contents . ^ 

Extra Special 6 

Cakes • Icings • Cookies • Candies • Drinks 

Campfire Cooking 64 

Eggs • Potatoes • Hot Breads • Main Dishes 

• S'mores 

Breakfast 81 

Toast Spreads • Fruits • Cocoa • French Toast 
• Eggs • Pancakes • Cereals • Breads 

Lunch or Supper 101 

Table Setting • Main Dishes • Salads • Breads 

• Desserts • Cakes • Cookies 

Dinner hi 

Relishes • Main Dishes • Vegetables • Salads 

• Biscuits • Desserts • Cakes 

Rules 179 

Safety • Measuring Tools • How to Measure • 
Utensils • Cooking Terms • Kitchen Manners 

index 187 

Good things to make for parties— for holidays— for your friends 
—and just for fun. 

Of all the extra-specials, cakes are tops. And how proud 
you'll be when you make a birthday cake for Dad, a Heart Cake 
for Mother on Mother's Day, an Igloo Cake for your little 
sister, or any cake on these pages. 

There are lots of other fun things you can make like fancy 
drinks and Black Cat Cookies and Eggs in a Frame for a camp- 
fire lunch. 

You'll want to try them all before you are through and a good 
place to start is with a special cake. You can make any of these 
cakes easily if you follow directions carefully and take to heart 
all the cakemaking tips over there on the next page. 


Cakemaking Tips 

Liquids and eggs should be about room 

Use a wooden spoon for stirring. 

Always prepare cake pans by greasing thoroughly and dusting 
with flour. 

Use a rubber scraper to keep spoon and bowl clean so batter will 
mix well. 

Get the last of the batter out of the bowl with the rubber scraper. 

Cake is done when a toothpick stuck into center comes out clean. 

When two times are given in the recipe (as 20 to 25 minutes) 
set timer for first and see if cake is done. Give extra time if 

Set pans on cooling racks when they 
come from the oven. 

After 10 minutes turn cake from pans to 
finish cooling on racks. 

Cakes are ready to ice when cool. 

8 extra special cakes 

Cocoa Fudge Cake 

Heat oven to 350°. 

Grease and flour 13-inch oblong pan. 

Sift together into mixing bowl 

1% cups sifted Gold 

Medal Flour 
l x /3 cups sugar 
1 teaspoon soda 
1 teaspoon salt 
6 tablespoons 


Beat vigorously for 2 minutes (300 
strokes). You can use an electric 
mixer if you scrape the sides down 
often. Use medium speed. 

Y2 cup soft 

1 cup buttermilk 
1 teaspoon vanilla 




2 eggs 

Beat 2 more minutes. 

Scrape batter together and be sure it is all blended. 

Pour into prepared pan. 

Bake 1^0 to lf5 minutes. 

Cool on rack. 

Ice, in or out of pan, with Quick Fudge Icing (page 22). 

"Baking is as much fun as my chemistry set. And you can 
eat what you mix up." Erie 

cakes extra special 9 

Sift the flour mixture into 
the mixing bowl. 

Take shortening from cup 
with a rubber scraper. 

Scrape down sides of mix- 
ing bowl often. 

It's easy, and good, too, when you make 
it with Betty Crocker Chocolate Devils 
Food Cake Mix. 

10 extra special cakes 

Grandma's Chocolate Layer Cake 

Long ago, a yellow cake with chocolate icing was called 
a chocolate layer cake. 

Break the eggs into a saucer with 
a kitchen knife. 

Use a rubber scraper to 
clean the sides of the bowl. 

cakes extra special 11 

Heat oven to 350°. 

Grease and flour two 8 or 9-inch 
round layer pans. 

Sift together into mixing bowl 


Beat vigorously for 2 minutes (300 
strokes). You can use an electric 
mixer if you scrape the sides down 
often. Use medium speed. 


Beat 2 minutes. 

2 x /± cups sifted 

Softasilk Cake 
iy 2 cups sugar 
3 teaspoons 

baking powder 
1 teaspoon salt 

another 1/3 cup 

2 eggs 

Pour into prepared pans. 

Bake 30 to 35 minutes. Cool. 

Finish with Whiz Chocolate Fudge Flavor Frosting (page 23). 

Whiz Chocolate Layer Cake 

This is a good cake, too. And easy to 
make with Betty Crocker Yellow Cake 
Mix. Just follow the package directions. 

12 extra special cakes 



^ 1^ 



/l ,,,m^ w//,m/f/m 

WW"" 'S 

Zoo Cake 

Bake any flavor Betty Crocker Cake Mix in oblong pan as 
directed on package. 

Frost, using Betty Crocker Fluffy White Frosting Mix, making 
icing on top about ^-inch thick. 

Press painted or chocolate-coated animal crackers against sides 
of cake. Fence them in with long gumdrops. Set candles in top of 
cake. Trim with gumdrops and silver candies. 

There is a color photograph of a Zoo Cake on page 38. 

cakes extra special 13 

To Make Wild Animals for Zoo Cake 

Cheese Cracker 
for head 

Animal Cracker 
with head cut off 

Paint animals with Egg Yolk Paint (page 48). 
Bake 3 minutes at 350° to set egg yolk. 

or use chocolate-coated animal crackers (below). 

To coat animal crackers: 
Melt Vi cup semi-sweet 
chocolate pieces with IV2 
tablespoons butter in a cus- 
tard cup set in hot water. 
When chocolate is melted, 
take from heat and stir 

with fork until thoroughly 
blended. Drop crackers, one 
at a time into chocolate 
mixture. Lift out with fork, 
draining off excess, and lay 
on waxed paper to harden 
before using. 


14 extra special cakes 




Eskimo Igloo Cake (| 

The Eskimo has his igloo, but no cake like this. 

Bake a cake in two layers, as directed on Betty Crocker White 
Cake Mix package. 

Cool thoroughly and cut each layer in half, like picture below. 

Using 2 packages, make Betty Crocker Creamy White Frosting 
Mix as directed on package, being careful to double amounts of 
butter and water. 

Spread frosting on one side of three halves. Set halves side-by- 
side on cut edges with icing between to form a long rounded 
cake which makes the igloo. 

Place in custard cup 

1 square 

(1 ounce) 
*4 teaspoon 


Set cup in a little hot water in saucepan. Heat until melted. 
Remove saucepan from heat, but leave custard cup in hot water. 

Set iced halves side-by-side to 
form igloo. 

Frost igloo with remaining icing. 
Pictured in color on page 40. 


cakes extra special 15 

After icing is no longer soft and has a slight crust on top, mark 
igloo lines very lightly with a knife using a ruler as a guide. 
Then dip a small paintbrush into melted chocolate and paint 
along lines. 

There is a color photograph of the Igloo Cake on page 40. 

16 extra special cakes 

^SjV Clown Cupcakes 

<*£, ^ 

Make cupcakes as directed on Betty Crocker Chocolate Devils 
Food Cake Mix package. Then follow the directions on the oppo- 
site page. 

"I'm going to make these for my little brother's 
birthday. Gregg'll be 6." Chris 

cakes extra special 17 

Cut cone-shaped pieces out of 
tops of cooled, baked cup- 

Turn cone-shaped pieces cut- 
side up for peaked hats. 


When ready to serve, fill cavi- 
ty of each cake with a scoop of 
vanilla ice cream. Make faces 
with candies. 


Set hats on clown heads. There 
is a color photograph of Clown 
Cupcakes on page 73. 

18 extra special cakes 

Ice Cream Cone Cakes 

Heat oven to 400°. 

Make batter for cupcakes as 
directed on any flavor Betty 
Crocker Cake Mix package. 

Pour scant V4 cup batter into 
flat-bottomed waffle ice cream 
cones, filling scant V2 full. If 
you fill the cones too full, they 
will not have a nice round top. 

7 << - — - 

Set on baking pan and bake lb 
to 18 minutes. 

Cool and frost with any Betty 
Crocker Frosting Mix. 

There is a color photograph of 
Ice Cream Cone Cakes on pages 
74 and 75. 

"I frosted mine with chocolate fudge flavor frost- 
ing and then sprinkled them with those teeny 

Colored candies." Bette Anne 

cakes extra special 19 

Button Cake 

Ice your cake with Butter Icing (page 25). Decorate with wafer- 
thin round candies in different colors. 

Draw faces on each 
with a mixture of 

X U cup confectioners 

1 teaspoon milk 

20 extra special icings 

Icing Makes the Cake 

Icing is best when it is as soft as possible, but it must hold its 
shape without running off the cake. 

Spread a little along the inside of the mixing bowl with the 
back of your mixing spoon and see whether or not it is ready 
to use or needs more confectioners' sugar or liquid added. 

icings EXTRA SPECIAL 21 


When you are going 
to ice a layer cake— 

Turn one layer upside 
down on cake plate. 

Put on a big spoonful of 
icing and spread it to 
the edge of the layer. 

Set second layer on, 
right side up. 

Ice the sides, spreading 
up from bottom to top 
with knife full of frost- 

Put rest of icing on top 
and swirl it around to 

"Icing the sides is tricky so I just ice the top. 
When I get more practice I'll do the sides, too." 


22 extra special icings 

Quick Fudge Icing 

In saucepan mix 

Stir in 

Bring to boil. Boil for 3 minutes, 

stirring occasionally. 

Take out spoon and set pan in cold 


When you can hold your hand on 

the bottom of the pan the syrup is 

cool enough. 

Then stir in 

You may need 

1 cup sugar 
Vi cup cocoa 

Va cup butter 
Vz cup milk 
2 tablespoons 

light corn syrup 

IV2 cups sifted 

1 teaspoon vanilla 

V 2 cup more sifted 

Stir the icing until thick enough to spread. Add more confec- 
tioners' sugar or milk if needed. 

"This makes dreamy fudge. You just add some 
more confectioners' sugar .and half a cup of 

chopped nuts." Donna 

icings EXTRA SPECIAL 23 

Whiz Chocolate Fudge Frosting 

It takes only a jiffy when you use Betty 
Crocker Chocolate Fudge Flavor Frost- 
ing Mix. You don't even cook it. Just 
make as directed on the package. 

24 extra special icings 

Easy Penuche Icing 

Penuche is really candy. It came from Mexico. 

In saucepan melt 

1/2 cup butter 

Stir in 

Continue cooking over low heat for 
2 minutes, stirring. 

1 cup brown sugar 

Stir in 

X A cup milk 

Bring to a full rolling boil, stirring 

Take out spoon and set pan in cold 
water. When you can hold your 
hand on the bottom of the pan the 
syrup is cool enough. 

Then stir in 

1% to 2 cups sifted 


Set pan in ice water. Beat until thick enough to spread. If icing 
is too thin, add more confectioners' sugar. If too thick, add a 
few drops of hot water. 

Well-packed brown sugar will 
hold its shape when turned out 
of the cup. 

A full rolling boil looks like this. 



icings EXTRA SPECIAL 25 

Butter Icing 

Blend together 

Then stir in 

V3 cup soft butter 
1 cup sifted 

IV2 teaspoons 
3 tablespoons top 

2 cups more sifted 

Beat hard to make the icing fluffy. 

Add a little more milk or sugar if you need it to make the icing 
just right to spread. 

26 extra special icings 

Whiz Frostings 


They're creamy and smooth. And they almost make 
themselves because they're so easy with Betty 
Crocker Instant Frosting Mixes. 


Caramel Fudge— Especially 
good with yellow, spice, or 
white cake. 

Fluffy White— The whitest, 
fluffiest icing you ever saw. 
And easy, too. 

Chocolate Malt Flavor— If 
you like malted milks, and 
who doesn't, you'll love this. 

Chocolate Fudge Flavor— 
America's favorite, deli- 
cious with chocolate cake. 

To make any of these luscious frostings you just follow the 
directions on the package. And quick as a wink you've made a 
frosting you're proud of. 

party cakes extra special 27 

Name Cake 

This is a cake that will fit any- 
body's birthday. You can use a 
Betty Crocker Cake Mix in 
your favorite flavor, frost it 
with a light-colored icing, and 
spell out the name with choco- 
late pieces. 


"I made one for Dad's birth- 
day. It was Spice Cake with 
Caramel Fudge Frosting and 
Dad said it was keen." Peter 

28 extra special party cakes 


Frost oblong cake with Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Flavor 
Frosting Mix. 

Cut into squares. 

Make marshmallow bunny 
face on each square piece of 

Cut marshmallows in half 
with scissors and lay flat cir- 
cles on frosting. 

Snip other half of marshmal- 
low for bunny ears. 

Draw face with food coloring. 
Use toothpick dipped in food 
coloring bottle. 

party cakes extra special 29 

Easter Hat Cake 

Easter is a time when every girl wants a new hat. And 
here's one you can eat. 

Mix batter as directed on Betty Crocker Cake Mix package. 
Bake 9-inch layer for brim and 8-inch layer for crown. 

Cut 8-inch layer down to 6-inch size and set on top of 9-inch 
layer. Frost with Betty Crocker Fluffy White Frosting Mix. 
Trim with ribbon and tiny flowers. 

There is a color photograph of the Easter Hat Cake on page 39. 


Cut 6-inch circle of paper. Set on Set 6-inch layer on 9-inch lay- 

the 8-inch layer. Cut around it er near the edge, 

with a small knife. 

30 extra special party cakes 


You will need a square layer and 
a round layer. 

Cut the round layer in half and 
place against the square layer. 








party cakes extra special 31 

Heart Cake 

A beautiful surprise for Mother's Day, or a Valentine. 


Make cake batter as directed on the Betty Crocker White Cake 
Mix package. 

Divide batter between 2 greased and floured pans— one 8-inch 
square pan, and one 8-inch round layer pan. 

Bake as directed on package. 

To make heart-shaped cake : Set square cake on large tray with 
one point toward you. Cut round layer in half. Arrange each 
half with cut side against top corners of square to form heart. 

Frost with Betty Crocker Fluffy White Frosting Mix tinted 
pink with a few drops of red food coloring. Be sure to cover top 
of cake well, especially over the cut sections. Decorate with red 

There is a color photograph of the Heart Cake on page 39. 

"Ned and I love chocolate, so I used chocolate 
fudge frosting on mine, and it was beautiful!" 


32 extra special party cakes 

Drum Cake 

To celebrate the Fourth of July— make a cake for the 
family picnic and decorate it for the holiday. 

Bake cake in layers as directed on Betty Crocker Chocolate 
Devils Food Cake Mix package. 

Frost cooled cake with Betty Crocker Fluffy White Frosting 

The photograph on the opposite page is of the Drum Cake. 

On sides of cake press chino cherry at ends of each 

striped peppermint candy stick. If you like, cross two 

sticks at angles into icing all candy sticks on top of cake 

around cake. Set a maras- for drumsticks. 



Extra Special Drinks 
(see pages 60-63) 

Fruit Float 

Pink Lemonade 


 r d 


Red Rouser 



Chocolate Fudge 






loo Cake (see page 1 2) 


••• * •••. 



Heart Cake (see page 30) 

Easter Hat Cake (see page 29) 


Igloo Cake (see page 14) 

party cakes extra special 41 

Pumpkin Face Cake 

Halloween or Thanksgiving, 
either one rates a special cake. 

Bake cake in layers as directed 
on Betty Crocker Honey Spice 
Cake Mix package. 

Put layers together and 
frost with Butter Icing 
(page 25) tinted orange 
( mix red and yellow food 

Make a Jack-O'-Lantern 
face with fiat black jelly 
candies and candy corn. 


42 extra special party cakes 

Angel Birthday Cake 

Angel Food Cake 

Make the cake as directed on 
Betty Crocker Angel Food 
Cake Mix package. 

Frost it with Betty Crocker 
Flurry White Frosting Mix 
tinted pink with a drop or two 
of red food coloring. 

Pink Peppermint 
Angel Food Cake 

Make batter as directed on 
Betty Crocker Angel Food 
Cake Mix package— except add 
y^ tsp. pure peppermint ex- 
tract. Fold in 3 drops red food 

Confetti Angel Food Cake 

This is the cake with a magic 
ingredient — hundreds of tiny 
colored sugar dots. While your 
cake is in the oven the dots dis- 
solve into rainbow splashes of 

To make it just follow the 
package directions. 

Lemon Custard 
Angel Food Cake 

Everybody loves this mix, 
with its new flavor and beau- 
tiful sunshine yellow color. 
Try it as a surprise for Dad. 

Fold in and glue together. 

Insert tab into cake. 

1 \ > S. J V . .. II ' . 



Set on cake at last minute. 

Trace this angel on white paper 
Cut it out and put it together. 

44 extra special cookies 

Black Cat Cookies 

Tricky treats for Halloween 

Mix thoroughly. 

x h cup soft 

Vs cup sugar 

% cup honey 

1 teaspoon vanilla 

Stir in 

2% cups sifted Gold 
Medal Flour 
1 teaspoon soda 
1 teaspoon salt 


Heat oven to 375 c 

cookies extra special 45 

Roll dough into balls the 
ze ofro*Jnu>s: Set on 

lightly greased 


2. Cover bottom of glass 
with cloth. Moisten in wa- 
ter, press cookies quickly to 
flatten and shape into 

4. When cookies come from 
oven, at once set a choco- 
1. Bake about 8 minutes, or late peppermint wafer in 

intil lightly browned. the center of each cooky. 

5. Set 2 chocolate piece 
next to mint for head, 1 
piece for tail. Lift onto cool- 
ing rack as chocolate melts. 

6. With toothpick, shape 
melted chocolate pieces into 
head and tail on each cooky. 

46 extra special party ideas 

Party Ideas 

Paper bag masks are easy to make. Paint on any face you want 
and cut out holes for the eyes and mouth. You can cut out flaps 
on the sides for ears. 

Make a lantern by cutting slits across a piece of paper, but do 
not cut all the way to the edges. Then roll your paper in the 
direction of the slits. Unroll it and roll it in the opposite direc- 
tion and paste the ends together. Paste on a strip of paper for 
the handle. 

You can decorate your cups, too. When you cut out the figures, 
fold your paper in half so that both sides will be the same. 
Paint on any face you want. 

party ideas extra special 47 




48 extra special cookies 

Paintbrush Cookies 

Mix thoroughly 

Yz cup soft 

Yz cup sugar 

% cup honey 

1 teaspoon vanilla 

Stir in 


2% cups sifted Gold 
Medal Flour 
1 teaspoon soda 
1 teaspoon salt 

Heat oven to 375°. 

Roll dough out on floured pastry cloth, using floured covered 
rolling pin. Roll to y 4 -inch thickness. Cut in different shapes. 

Set on greased baking sheet. Paint designs with Egg Yolk 
Paint. There is a color photograph of these on pages 36 and 37. 

Bake 8 to 10 minutes. For clear colors do not let cookies brown. 

Makes 5 dozen 2Y>-inch cookies. 

Egg Yolk Paint 

Blend well 1 egg yolk and Y± teaspoon water. Divide mixture 
among several small custard cups. Add a different food color- 
ing to each cup to make bright colors. Paint designs on cookies 
with small paintbrushes. If egg yolk paint thickens on standing, 
add a few drops of water. 



cookies extra special 49 

For Unusual Shapes 

If you have cooky cutters that 
you like, you'll use them of 
course. Always dip them in 
flour so they won't stick to the 

Or make your own patterns- 
Draw or copy the pattern on 
heavy cardboard. Cut out 
each one and grease it. Lay 
pattern greased side down on 
dough and cut around it with 
a sharp knife. Lift onto bak- 
ing sheet with wide spatula. 

Attractive Designs Make 
the Prettiest Cookies 

After you've decided on the a 
shapes, making the design is 
fun. Try some of these first. a 

Then let yourself go, use your 
imagination, and see what ex- 
citing designs you can create. 

50 extra special cookies 

jfcJlJPJi Sugar Cookies 

Just the thing with a glass of lemonade. 

Heat oven to 400°. 

Blend together. 

Beat in. 

Stir in. 

V2 cup shortening 
V2 teaspoon salt 

1 teaspoon grated 
lemon rind 

1 cup sugar 

1 egg, unbeaten 

2 tablespoons milk 

2 cups sifted Gold 
Medal Flour 

1 teaspoon baking 

V2 teaspoon soda 

Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls on lightly greased baking sheet. 

Grease bottom of a glass. Dip glass in sugar and flatten each 

Sprinkle cookies with nutmeg. 

Bake 8 to 10 minutes, until light golden. 

Cool on a rack. 

Makes about 3 dozen cookies. 

cookies extra special 51 

52 extra special cookies 

Molasses Crinkles 

v Our young testers loved these cookies, 

LOQKi r-> especially the crackled, sugary tops. 

Mix thoroughly 

Stir in 

% cup soft 

1 cup brown sugar 

r A cup molasses 

2 X A cups sifted Gold 
Medal Flour 

2 teaspoons soda 
Vi teaspoon salt 
x /2 teaspoon cloves 

1 teaspoon 


1 teaspoon ginger 

Chill dough. 

Heat oven to 375°. 

Roll dough into balls the size of large walnuts. 

Dip tops in sugar. Place, sugared-side-up, 3 inches apart on 
greased baking sheet. 

Sprinkle each cooky with 2 or 3 drops of water for a crackled 

Bake 10 to 12 minutes, just until set but not hard. 

Makes about Jf dozen cookies. 

cookies extra special 53 

Little sisters like to get in the 
fun and cook, too. 

Roll dough to the size of large 

Dip tops in sugar. 

54 extra special cookies 

Salted Peanut Crisps 

Heat oven to 375 c 

Mix together thoroughly 

Sift together and stir in 

Stir in 

1 cup soft shorten- 

ing (part butter 

for flavor) 
iy 2 cups light brown 
sugar (packed in 

2 eggs 

2 tsp. vanilla 


3 cups sifted GOLD 

MEDAL Flour 
y-2 tsp. soda 
1 tsp. salt 


2 cups salted 

Drop rounded teaspoonfuls about 2 inches apart onto lightly 
greased baking sheet. Flatten with bottom of glass dipped in 
sugar. If sugar does not stick to glass, dip glass in water. 

Bake 8 to 10 minutes. 

Makes about 6 dozen 
cookies 2 inches in diameter 

cookies extra special 55 

Good Kid Cookies 


Sugar Cooky recipe, 

Put Vi cup of dough in a small bowl. 


2 tbsp. cocoa 
2 tbsp. water 

Blend well. 

Drop the light dough by rounded teaspoonfuls about 2 inches 
apart on lightly greased baking sheet. 

Grease bottom of a glass. 

Dip glass in sugar and press quickly to flatten into rounds. 

With a toothpick, make eyes, noses, 
and mouths out of the chocolate 
dough. With a spoon make hair out 
of the chocolate dough. If 
chocolate dough gets too stiff to 
spread easily, add another drop or 
two of water. 

Bake 8 to 10 minutes, until light brown 

Makes about 3 dozen cookies. 

There is a color photograph of 
Good Kid Cookies on pages 76 and 77. 

56 extra special candy 

Chocolate Fudge 

Mix in saucepan 

1 cup sugar 
Vz cup cocoa 

Stir in 

i/4 cup butter 
X A cup milk 
1 tablespoon light 
corn syrup 

Bring to boil. Boil 3 minutes, stir- 
ring constantly. Take from heat. 

Add immediately. 

3 cups sifted 


1 teaspoon vanilla 
Vz cup chopped nuts 

Stir until sugar is completely blended. Turn into 8-inch square 
pan and pat out with fingers. Cool. Cut into squares. 

Wheaties Ting-A- Lings 

Melt two 6-ounce packages semi- 
sweet chocolate pieces over hot 
water. Cool. Gently stir in 4 cups 
Wheaties. Drop with tablespoon 
onto waxed paper. Chill until 
chocolate is set, about 2 hours. 
Makes about 1^2 clusters. 

candy extra special 57 

Peanut Butter Cremes 

Beat together 

1 well beaten egg 
Vs teaspoon salt 
1 cup sifted 

Va teaspoon vanilla 
1 tablespoon butter 
V3 cup peanut butter 

Then stir in 

1 cup more sifted 

Add more confectioners' sugar if needed to make firm enough 
to handle. Shape into tiny balls. 

Roll each ball in  

% cup chopped 

salted peanuts 

Place on waxed paper and refrigerate to set. 

Kix Comets 

Stir a 6-ounce package of semi- 
sweet chocolate pieces and M> cup 
peanut butter over low heat until 
chocolate is melted. Pour over 5 
cups Kix in large bowl. Stir gent- r^ 
ly. Drop onto waxed paper in jet ^ 
shapes. Chill until hard, 2 hours 
or overnight. Makes 60. 

58 extra special candy 

Butter a 9 x 5 x 3-inch square pan 
Melt in top of double boiler 


3 tbsp. soft butter 
3 tbsp. milk 


Stir until smooth. Heat over 
rapidly boiling water 5 minutes, 
stirring occasionally. 

1 package Betty Crocker 
Creamy White 
Frosting Mix 



Y 2 cup chopped nuts 


Pour into pan and let stand until firm. 
Makes l 1 /^ pounds or 32 small squares. 

Caramel Pralines 

Make fudge as directed on Betty Crocker Caramel Fudge Frost- 
ing Mix package— except add 1 cup pecan halves after cooking 
and drop by teaspoonfuls onto waxed paper. 

Makes 3 dozen. 

"We made fudge just for fun and it tasted so 
good we made a double batch the next time." 


candy extra special 59 

Be sure to measure all your ingre- 
dients accurately every time. 

60 extra special drinks 

Party Lemonade 

In pitcher stir 

V2 cup sugar 
V2 cup hot water 


juice of 2 to 3 

y 2 lemon, sliced very 

1 quart cold water 
12 ice cubes 

Stir vigorously with a wooden spoon and pour into tall glasses. 
If. servings. 

Pink Lemonade 

Add a drop of red food color 
ing to Party Lemonade. 

Fruit Float 

Pile fruit (raspberries, blueberries, banana slices, strawberries, 
or any fruit you like) in tall glass. Fill with lemonade or fruit 
juice and top with lime ice. 

"We had a circus party with pink lemonade and 
clown cupcakes." Randee 

drinks extra special 61 


So good when you're hungry after school. 

Beat with rotary beater 

1 egg, well beaten 

2 tablespoons sugar 
pinch of salt 

Then beat in 

1 cup cold milk 
V± teaspoon vanilla 


1 cup cracked ice 
( see page 62 ) 

Pour into two glasses. 

Sprinkle lightly with nutmeg. Serve immediately. 

Red Rouser 

Drop a scoop of vanilla ice cream into a tall glass. Fill with bot- 
tled cranberry juice. 

There are color photographs of some of these drinks on pages 34 
and 35. 

62 extra special drinks 

>; Chocolate Fudge Milk Shake V 

Make Chocolate Sauce according to the. recipe on page 63. 

Put in shaker 

Shake vigorously 
2 servings. 

y% cup Chocolate 

2 cups milk 
pinch of salt 
1 cup cracked ice 

Wrap the bag in a newspaper 
and pound it with a rolling pin 
cubes into a small plastic bag. or a hammer. 

To crack the ice, drop the 

A glass jar with a screw top makes a very good shaker. 

drinks extra special 63 

Chocolate Fudge Soda 

Why go to the drug store? You can 
make your own sodas at home. 

First, make Chocolate Sauce. 

Combine in top of double boiler 

1 pkg. Betty Crocker 

Chocolate Fudge 
Flavor Frosting 

2 tbsp. light corn 


3 tbsp. soft butter 

Gradually add 

I % cup milk 

Stir occasionally over rapidly boiling water for 5 minutes. Cool. 
Store in covered container in refrigerator. 

Makes 2 cups. 
Mix in large glass 


Pour in 

2 tablespoons 

Chocolate Sauce 
Va cup carbonated 


1 to 2 large scoops 
vanilla ice 

1 i cup more 


Stir to blend slightly and serve at once. 


Cxuirumre, (Joolcing 

When you cook outdoors it's a good idea to appoint one of the 
group Chief. The Chief can then give everyone a job to do. 

Travel Light. Don't take more equipment than you need. Extra 
things to carry are just a burden. A frying pan, pancake turner, 
empty coffee can, stirring spoon, small pail for water, a sharp 
knife, and a fork for everyone will be enough for any of the 
recipes given to you here. 

Building the Fire. The Hunter's Fire is easy and gives a steady 
heat. To build it, lay 2 green logs in a V-shape, about 7 inches 
apart at one end and 4 inches apart at the other. The wider open- 
ing should face the wind. 

Build a foundation fire between the logs and then add fuel as 
you need it. For the best results, you should let the fire burn 
down to coals before you start to cook. 

When you are ready to cook, set the frying pan near the nar- 
row end. 

Don't Play With Fire. Small fires are the best. They're the easi- 
est to work with and they don't get away from you. 

Keep a pail of water handy for putting out the fire. If you 
don't have water, sand will do the trick. 

Before you leave the camp site, be sure your fire is out and 
the ground completely cold. 

O K I N G 65 

66 cam pf ire eggs 

Eggs in a 

Picnic Lunch in the Woods 

Eggs in a Frame 

Pocket Salad 

(cleaned radishes, celery, 

and carrot sticks in plastic 

bags to carry in your pocket) 

S 'mores (page 72) - 

Pull center from a slice of 
bread, or cut out center with 
biscuit cutter. 

Butter bread generously on 
both sides. 

Brown bread "frames" on one 
side in moderately hot but- 
tered frying pan. Turn over. 

Drop egg into center. 

Cook slowly until egg white is 
set. (Cover pan until white 
starts to set.) 

Sprinkle lightly with salt. 

Lift out with pancake turner. 

You can make Eggs in a Frame 
at home like the color photo- 
graph on page 80. 

potatoes cam pf i re 67 

Butter-Fried Potatoes 

Take to your picnic 6 medium-sized boiled potatoes cooked in 
their skins and diced. 

In frying pan melt 

Yi stick butter 
O/i cup) 

Add to butter 

6 medium-sized 
boiled potatoes, 

1 onion, minced 

Sprinkle in 

V4 teaspoon salt 
2 tablespoons 

minced parsley 

Cook over a medium-hot campfire until potatoes brown on the 
bottom. Then lift with pancake turner and brown the other side 
of the potatoes. 

If to 6 servings. 

Soap the entire outside of your frying pan 
before using it over a campfire. Then the 
smoke washes off without scouring. 

68 campfire kabobs 

Make a skewer from a green stick as thick as a lead penci 
Sharpen the thin end. 

Cut into 1-inch pieces 
Cut in half and peel 

X U pound beef sirloin 

1 onion 

Cut in half 

1 tomato 

Push the meat, onion, and tomato alternately on the stick. Or 
try an apple instead of tomato for variety. 

Broil by holding close to hot coals, turaing constantly. Coo] 
until meat is brown and vegetables are tender. 

Makes 1 kabob for 1 dinner. 

There is a color photograph of Kabobs on page 78. 



stew CAM PF I RE 69 

Mulligan Stew 



In small amount of hot fat in 
heavy frying pan, brown — 


Stir in 

Cover tightly and let cook slowly 
until tender (about IV2 hours). If 
fire gets too hot, take from heat oc- 
casionally to keep at a simmer. 

When meat is tender, add 

1 pound stew meat, 
cut in small 

1 teaspoon salt 

1 can condensed 
tomato soup 
1 can water 

3 carrots, cut in 
thick slices 

3 potatoes, 

quartered Jp 

3 onions, halved 

Continue cooking slowly about 30 minutes. If there is not 
gjj enough juice, add water during cooking. If too thin take off lid 
and cook sauce until thickened. 

If t o 6 servings. 

70 campfire biscuits 



Make biscuit dough by follow- 
ing directions on Bisquick 
package for Biscuits. 

Dip your hands in Bisquick 
and pick up a small piece of 
dough. Roll between the palms 
of your hands to shape a rib- 
bon about 5 inches long and 
the size of your little finger. 

Heat a peeled green stick over 
the fire (willow is good for 

Wind a ribbon of dough spi- 
rally around the stick, pinch- 
ing tightly at each end to hold 
it onto the stick. 

Toast over hot coals, turning 
to bake evenly. With a good 
bed of coals Doughboys bake 
in just a few minutes and slip 
easily off the stick. 

Eat with jam or butter. 

There is a color photograph of 
Doughboys on page 79. 

Make tiny rolls no bigger than 
your little finger. 



Wind the dough around the 
stick like this. 

"A coffee can makes the best mixing bowl in 
camp, cause you can throw it away when you're 

through." Elizabeth 

J cl 


biscuits CAMPFIRE 71 

Whiz Doughboys 

They're twice as easy with 
refrigerated biscuits, 
ready to bake. You know, 
the kind that come in a 
can, either Bisquick or 

72 campfire cooking beans 


Scout Franks and Beans 

Into a heavy frying pan empty 

1 no. 300 can baked 
beans (1 pound) 

Top with 

8 franks, sliced 

Set over coals and heat until steaming hot. 
Jfto 6 servings. 


They got this name because they make you want some more. 

You will need 

graham crackers 
milk chocolate bar 

Set 4 squares of a milk chocolate candy bar on a graham 

Toast a marshmallow over the coals of your campfire. Slip it 
onto the chocolate and top with a second graham cracker. 

Clown Cupcakes (see page 1 6) 






4L 9 J 5 

\ 1 






I • 





*■ v 


Ice Cream Cone Cakes (sse page 1 8) 



Good Kid Cookies 
(see page 55) 




Doughboys (see page 70) 


Kabobs (see page 68) 

Eggs in a Frame (see page 66) 


Make it the best meal of the day 
a happy family get-together. 


You can be a big help. In one family we know, everyone takes a 
turn helping to get breakfast. And what rivalry ! 

The littlest one pours out the cereal, puts the silver around, 
or rings the breakfast bell. 

Older children choose their jobs— fixing the fruit, adding 
fancy touches to the cereal, frying the eggs, stirring up an easy 
coffee cake, making cocoa. 

Make pancakes for Dad with his initials on them (page 88). Or 
give your mother a holiday and prepare breakfast all yourself. 


Cocoa Continental 

Blend in saucepan 

2 tablespoons cocoa 

3 tablespoons sugar 
V% teaspoon salt 

Then stir in 

Bring to boil over low heat and boil 
2 minutes, stirring constantly. 

V2 cup hot water 


2 cups milk or 1 cup 
Then add and heat, but do not boil evaporated milk 

and 1 cup water 

Drop a marshmallow into each cup and pour hot cocoa over it. 
Jf servings. 

French toast breakfast 85 

French Toast 

With beater blend 

2 eggs, beaten 
Vi cup milk 
Va teaspoon salt 

Cut in half 

6 slices stale bread 


Heat frying pan or griddle moderately hot. Grease with butter 
or bacon fat. 

Pick up bread on fork, by half-slices. Dip both sides into egg 
mixture and put on hot frying pan or griddle. 

Brown on both sides, turning with pancake turner. 

Serve hot with syrup or jelly 


Soft-Cooked Eggs ^ 

Never boil eggs. Always cook them slowly and gently. 

Cover eggs in saucepan with 
cold water. Heat until water 

Take from heat. Cover pan. 
Stand off heat 2 to 4 minutes. 

Take from hot water. Hold 
the egg with a paper napkin 
and break shell by cracking 
sharply with a knife. Scoop 
egg from shell with a tea- 

Season with salt and butter. 

Break soft-cooked eggs by 
cracking sharply with a knife. 

Fried Eggs 

Heat a thin layer of butter 
or bacon fat in heavy frying 
pan until moderately hot. 

Break eggs, one at a time, 
into saucer. Slip into frying 

Reduce heat to cook slowly. 
Cover and cook until whites 
are set ( 3 or 4 minutes ) . 

You can turn the eggs if you 
like them that way. Then 
cook until yolks are as you 
want them. 

It's easier to keep the yolks 
whole if you slip the eggs one 
at a time from a saucer into the 
frying pan. 






WP^ I 


Scrambled Eggs 

Break into bowl 


Beat with fork. 

2 tablespoons milk 
dash of salt 

Heat a thin layer of butter or bacon fat in small frying pan, 
moderately hot. 

Pour in egg mixture and reduce heat to low. Cook slowly, turn- 
ing gently with broad spatula as mixture starts to set at bot- 
tom of pan. 

Serve as soon as eggs are cooked through but still moist and 

1 or 2 servings. 

88 breakfast pancakes 


Grandma called pancakes flannel cakes because on 
cold mornings they kept her family warm as flannel. 

Branded Pancakes 

Real Western with your own 
brand right on the pancake. 

Make Pancakes as directed on 
Bisquick package. 

Let batter trickle from tea- 
spoon onto hot griddle to form 
an initial. Initials must be 
made backwards to be right 
when pancakes are served. 
Draw your initial backwards 
on a piece of paper for a pat- 
tern before you start. 

This is how some letters look 

When bottom side of initial 
has lightly browned, pour a 
regular spoonful of batter 
over initial. 

Bake until bubbles appear, 
then turn and finish baking as 
directed on package. 

Serve hot with butter and 
warm syrup or jelly. There is a 
color photograph of Branded 
Pancakes on page 80. 


Put a very little batter in your 
spoon when making the initials. 

"My 3 brothers can sure eat a lot of pancakes, 
especially when they're branded." Lucy 




pancakes BREAKFAST 89 

Dollar Pancakes 

Add a little more milk (about griddle with tiny "dollar" 

*4 cup) than usual to make pancakes. 

pancake batter thin (recipe on 

Bisquick package). Bake as for other pancakes. 

Then spoon batter, a table- Serve several at a time on 

spoon at a time, to fill your each plate. 

*$£& 30* 

Make sure you keep the pancakes smal 

Rolled Pancakes 

Spread warm small pancakes (recipe on Bisquick 
package) with shimmering red jelly. Roll up. 

Sprinkle with confectioners' sugar. 

Serve two on each individual dessert plate. 

Spread jelly thin. 

This is how they look rolled up. 

90 breakfast cereals 

Tricks and Treats 

You'd be surprised how much more exciting breakfast 
can be if you try something different every day. Just 
watch your little brother's face when you surprise 
him with the Little Man Who Wasn't There or A Pig 
in a Poke. Or, just put softened ice cream and straw- 
berries over a big bowl of Wheaties. You'll find color 
photographs of some of these treats on pages 118 
and 119. 

Man in 
the Moon 

Here he is in a bowl of 
Protein Plus. You make his 
face with raisins. Or you 
can make any face you like. 

Winken, Blinken, 
and Nod 

3 maraschino cherries sit- 
ting in half a banana, an 
apple slice for a sail, on 

cereab breakfast 91 

Pig in a Poke 

Half pear on Smiles— raisin 
eyes and nose, apple slices 
for ears. 


Half peach on Cheerios, rai- 
sin eyes, maraschino cherry 
nose, apple slice for mouth. 

Little Man 
Who Wasn't There 

Half banana in Kix, raisin 
eyes and nose, cherry 
mouth, orange hat. 

Old Hobo Joe 

Prune on Wheaties, bits of 
apple for eyes, mouth, ears. 
Banana and cherry hat. 

92 breakfast breads 

Easy Coffee Bread 

In mixing bowl put 

Stir until yeast is dissolved. 

% cup warm (not 

hot) water 
1 package active 
dry yeast 

Then stir in 

Beat 2 minutes. 

i/4 cup sugar 
1 teaspoon salt 
1 cup sifted Gold 
Medal Flour 

Next add 

X A cup soft 


Beat in until smooth 

1 X A cups sifted Gold 
Medal Flour 

Then add 

Vz cup raisins 


Grease an 8 or 9-inch square pan. 

Drop small spoonfuls over entire bottom of pan. Cover. 

Let rise in warm place (85° is best) until dough is double in 
bulk. This takes about 60 minutes. Be sure dough has risen 
before baking. 

Heat oven to 375°. 

Bake 30 to 35 minutes, or until lightly browned. 

Take from pan immediately to avoid sticking. 




breads brkakkast 93 

Easy Coffee Bread Icing 

When bread is baked, ice 
with a mixture of 

% cup sifted 


1 or 2 tablespoons 

orange juice 
Vi teaspoon grated 

orange rind 

Drop dough in small spoonfuls 

Grate only outside colored rind of 
orange, no white. 

94 breakfast breads 

Jolly Breakfast Ring 

It looks like a Christmas wreath. 

Heat oven to 400°. 

4 tablespoons butter 
(V 2 stick) 

Put 2 tablespoons of the melted butter 
in bottom of 9-inch ring mold. 

Then sprinkle in 

2 tablespoons 
brown sugar 

12 cherries (candied 
or maraschino) 

!/4 cup chopped nuts 

Mix in small bowl 

y 2 cup sugar 
1 teaspoon 

3 tablespoons 

chopped nuts 

In second small bowl put 

2 cups Bisquick 

With fork stir in 

% cup milk 

Beat 15 strokes. It will be stiff, but sticky. 

Shape dough into 12 balls. Roll each ball in rest of melted but- 
ter. Then roll in cinnamon mixture. Place balls in ring mold. 

Bake 25 to 30 minutes. 

Turn upside down onto a plate while warm. Serve warm. There 
is a color photograph of Jolly Breakfast Ring on page 116. 


breads brkakkast 95 

Hold point of knife against cut- 
ting board. 

Roll balls of dough first in butter, 
then cinnamon mixture. 

Chop through nuts, swinging han- 
dle slowly as you chop. 

Set balls close together in ring 

96 breakfast breads 


Little girls in hoop skirts and boys in ruffled 
collars ate gingerbread, too. 


Heat oven to 325°. 

Grease and flour a 9-inch square pan 

Mix thoroughly 

Blend in 

Stir in 

Beat until smooth. 

Pour into prepared pan. 

Bake 1^5 to 50 minutes. 9 servings. 

Vz cup soft 

2 tablespoons 


1 cup dark 

1 cup boiling water 

2*4 cups sifted Gold 
Medal Flour 
1 teaspoon soda 
x /-2 teaspoon salt 
1 teaspoon ginger 
1 teaspoon 

hi cads BRKAKI AS I 97 

Fire Dog Topping 

Spread over hot gingerbread a 
mixture of — — — i^— — 

% cup sifted 


2 tablespoons milk 

Sprinkle brown sugar over top. Serve warm. 

Whiz Gingerbread 

For this delicious quickie, 

make as directed on Betty 

Crocker Gingerbread Mix 

"You'll love this gingerbread with a dish of 
icy- cold applesauce." Betty Crocker 

98 breakfast breads 

wiw Whiz Cinnamon Rolls 

Sweet and spicy, and so pretty. 

Heat oven to 425°. 

Grease 12 muffin cups. 

Beat 15 strokes with fork 

Sprinkle with mixture of 

Roll up tightly widthwise. Seal well. 

Cut into 1-inch slices. 

Set in muffin cups. 

Bake about 15 minutes, or until brown. 

Makes 12 rolls. 

2 cups Bisquick 
% cup milk 

Roll dough around on cloth-covered 
board lightly dusted with Bisquick 
to prevent sticking. 

Knead gently 8 to 10 times to /^^\ 
smooth up dough. V- / 

Roll into 12x7-inch rectangle. 

Spread with soft butter. 

Vz cup sugar 
1 teaspoon 

breads BREAKFAST 99 


Knead dough by pressing, fold 
ing, and turning. 

Set in muffin cups. 

100 breakfast breads 

Cinnamon Muffins 

Heat oven to 400°. 

Grease 12 medium-sized muffin cups. 

In bowl blend with a fork 

Beat hard 30 seconds. The batter 
will be lumpy. 

Fill muffin cups % full. 

Stir together —— — «— ^__ 


2 tablespoons 

% cup milk 
2 cups Bisquick 

V2 cup brown sugar 
Mj teaspoons 

With a teaspoon sprinkle cinnamon and sugar mixture over 
muffin tops. 

Bake about 15 minutes, or until golden brown 

Serve hot. 

Makes 12 medium-sized muffins. 

Whiz Muffins 

Five different flavors— orange, 
date, raisin bran, corn, and 
wild blueberry. Make your fa- 
vorite with Betty Crocker 
Muffin Mix. 



L-unarv or oupper 

LUNCH— usually at noon. 
SUPPER— at night if dinner is at noon. ^J 

Both are light meals— and simple— a good place for the new cook 
to start learning to do a few things well ... A perfect hamburger 
. . . Cheese Dreams . . . Angel Food Cake . . . Hot Fudge Pudding 
. . . Oatmeal Cookies. 

There are lots of other good things, too, that you'll want to 
try. One day it might be Tuna Burgers or Raggedy Ann Salad. 
Another day you could try Pigs in Blankets or Easy Orange 

First thing you know you'll be getting a complete lunch or 
supper for your mother when she's very busy. 

102 LUNCH 

When You Set the Table 



It's easy if you remember to place the silver in the order you're 
going to use it, with the piece to be used first on the outside, 
farthest from the plate. That's why the soup spoon is on 
the outside. Forks and napkins are always at the left and knife, 
spoons, and glasses at the right. 

: J E 





main dishes lunch 103 

Tuna Burgers 

Cut the cheese into small, square 

Mix in bowl 

one 7-ounce can 

1 cup chopped 

V2 cup diced process 

yellow cheese 
1 small onion, 

V4 cup mayonnaise 
salt and pepper 

to taste 

Split and butter 

6 hamburger buns 

Fill buns with tuna mixture and replace tops. 

Heat in paper sandwich bags on baking sheet at 350° for 15 

"We had them for Sunday supper. I made them 
in the morning, put each one in a waxed paper 
bag, and left them in the refrigerator. Then we 
just heated them at supper time." Donna 

104 lunch main dishes 


Mix thoroughly 

Form into 4 thick or 8 thin patties. 

1 pound ground 

V2 cup evaporated 

1 teaspoon salt 

Place on broiler rack or small pan 3 inches from heat. Broil 
about 6 minutes on each side for medium done hamburgers. 
(Cook until done to your taste.) 

If. servings. 


Top the meat with a slice of cheese before you broil it. Make a 
face with olives and cheese. 


Cut the unsliced bun in 3 slices. Put your hamburger in the first 
layer, then pickle relish and sliced tomato in the top layer. 


There is a color photograph of Cheeseburgers and Double- 
Deckers on pages 114 and 115. 

main dishes i i nch 105 

Open-Faced Hamburgers 

Mix thoroughly 

Stir vigorously to blend. 
Place on rack under broiler 

Spread hamburger on /i 

m\\\ a rubber scraper. [/ I , 


l A cup evaporated 

1 2 slice soft bread, 

pulled in pieces 
1 _■ teaspoon salt 
1 teaspoon grated 

1 2 pound ground beef 

Toast bread on one side and spread hamburger mixture on 
untoasted sides. Be sure to cover the edges. 

Return to broiler rack and broil until hamburger is done. 5 to 10 

"It's easier to cut the onion up real fine than 
grating it, so that's what I did." Ricky 

106 lunch main dishes 

Saucy Hamburger Crumble 

Melt in frying pan- 

1 tablespoon fat 

Add and brown lightly 

1 small onion, 

Then add and brown 

1 pound ground 

1 teaspoon salt 

Break the meat into small pieces. 
Stir in i ' 

V4 cup Gold Medal 

Then stir in 1 

Heat until gravy bubbles. 
Serve over mashed potatoes. 
If. servings. 

2 cups water or 


Family Supper 

Saucy Hamburger Crumble 
on Mashed Potatoes 

Candle Salad (page 126) Crusty Rolls 

Whiz Applesauce Cake (page 134) Milk 




main dishes lunch 107 

Sloppy Joes 

Hen you'n at rictly on your own. Pour in a lot of cat- 
sup and a little soup or tin other way around. Toss in 
some rhop/n il pickh if poii have it. Eat it on buns. 

You will need 

ground beef 
tomato soup 
hamburger buns 

Brown the meat and crumble it with a fork. Stir in catsup and 
tomato soup. Heat until it bubbles. Serve in buns. 

Movie Night Supper 


" Sloppy Joes 

* Carrot Curls, Celery Sticks, 

Radish Roses (page 143) 

Brownies (page 140) 

[ Milk 


'If I were a mama, I'd cook all day." Elizabeth 

108 lunch main dishes 

Toasted Cheese-Bacon 

T*7r ^^ 

Place on rack under broiler 

Toast bread on one side and take 
from rack. 

Broil bacon until crisp. 

4 slices bread 
8 slices bacon 

Stir together 

1 egg, slightly 

3 A cup grated 


process cheese 
% teaspoon paprika 
V2 teaspoon 



Spread mixture over untoasted side of bread. Broil until cheese 

Serve with 2 strips of bacon on each slice. Serve at once. 

If servings. 

"I mixed the cheese and egg with the rubber 
scraper. And spread it on the bread that way too. 
It was real quick and easy." Erie 

in. tin dishes lunch 109 

Egg Salad Sandwich Rolls 



Mix together 

3 hard-cooked eggs, 

Vi cup finely 

chopped celery 
V2 teaspoon minced 

3 tablespoons 

Vi teaspoon salt 

With fork, scoop centers from 
Fill each roll with egg salad. 

4 sliced frankfurter 

Makes Jf sandwich rolls. 

Hard-Cooked Eggs 




Cover eggs in saucepan with cold water. 

Heat until water boils. 

Take pan from heat. Cover. Let stand 

off heat 23 to 25 minutes. 

Set saucepan in sink and run in cold 

water to cool the eggs quickly. This 

makes eggs easier to shell and keeps 

yolks from turning dark around the 


110 lunch main dishes 

Clean the bowl well with a rubber 

main dishes lunch 111 

Macaroni and Cheese 

An old favorite, as old as Yankee Doodle. 
Heat oven to 350°. 

Prepare 8-ounce package macaroni 
as directed on package. 


cooked macaroni 
2 tablespoons 

butter, cut in 

l l A cups cubed 

sharp cheese 
1 teaspoon salt 

Turn into greased 1 Vi-quart (large) 
baking dish. 

Blend together 

2 eggs, beaten 

3 cups milk 

Pour milk and egg mixture over macaroni. 
Sprinkle with paprika. 
Bake ^0 to 50 minutes. 
6 servings. 

"Betty Crocker told me a slick way to measure 
the butter. She says there are 8 tablespoons in 
a V4-pound stick, so '4 of a stick is 2 tablespoons." 

. Eileen 

— — - — — — ' ~ 

112 lunch main dishes 

Pigs in Blankets 

Heat oven to 450°. 

Make Rolled Biscuits as directed on Bisquick package. 

Roll dough about ^-inch thick into rectangular shape. 

Cut into 4x3-inch oblongs. 

Wrap each oblong around a wiener, letting ends of wiener peep 

Bake 15 minutes. Serve hot. 
Makes 12. 

The color photograph of Pigs in 
Blankets is on opposite page. 

There are two kinds of 
hot dogs 

The wiener- 
short and skinny 

The frankfurter- 
long and plump 







Sloppy Joes (see page 107) 

Double-Deckers (see page 104) 

Cheeseburgers (see page 1 04) 









Jolly Breakfast Ring (see pages 94-95) 


Easy Coffee Bread (see page 92) 

Whiz Cinnamon Rolls (see pages 98-99) 





main dishes n NCH 121 

Grilled Cheese Sandwicl: 

Butter generously 

2 slices bread 

Between slices, 
buttered-side-out, put 

1 slice American 
process cheese 

Brown lightly on both sides in frying pan or on griddle over 
moderate heat until cheese melts. 

Cheese Dreams 

Place on rack under broiler 

Toast muffins on one side 
and take from rack. 

Broil bacon until crisp. 

Top each muffin half with - 

3 English muffins, 
split in half and 

6 slices bacon, cut in 

thick tomato slice 
2 broiled bacon 

thin slice of 

processed cheese 

Return to broiler and broil 5 inches from heat until cheese 

Serve at once. 6 servings. 

There is a color photograph of Cheese Dreams on opposite page. 

122 lunch main dishes 

Creamed Dried Beef 

Melt in heavy frying pan  


% cup butter 


Add and cook a few minutes 

4 ounces dried beef, 

Blend in 

*4 cup Gold Medal 

Stir thoroughly. Take from heat 

Add and blend 

Heat to boiling, stirring constantly 

To Bake 

main dishes I UNCH 123 

Three Men in a Boat 

Hollow out part of a baked po- 
tato so it looks like a boat. 

Fill the hollow with creamed 
dried beef. 

Cut a sail from a firm slice of 
cheese and stand upright in 
the boat on a toothpick. 

Three mushrooms on edge of 
potato "boat" are "3 men." 

There is a color photograph of 
Three Men in a Boat on p.159. 

124 lunch salads 

Salad Tips 

When you make a salad always use cold ingredients and then 
chill the finished salad before you serve it. Lettuce makes a 
pretty garnish that's good to eat and everyone will want to eat 
it if it's fresh and crisp. 

1. To prepare lettuce for a 
salad, cut out the core with 
a sharp-pointed knife. 

2. To loosen the leaves, hold 
lettuce, with cut side up, 
under running water. 

3. Peel off as many leaves 
as you need and wash them 

4. Gently pat dry between 
paper towels or in a towel. 

5. Wrap leaves loosely in a 
fresh towel or put them in a 
plastic bag. 

6. Chill the leaves well in 
the refrigerator. 


salads lunch 125 

Raggedy Ann Salad 


Arms and legs 

Eyes, nose, shoes, buttons 




fresh or canned 
peach half 

small celery sticks 

half a hard-cooked 


piece of a cherry or 
a redhot 

grated yellow cheese 

ruffled leaf lettuce 

There is a color photograph of Raggedy Ann Salad on page 158. 

126 lunch salads 

Candle Salad 

It's better than a real candle, because you can eat it. 
Place crisp lettuce leaf on plate. 

For candle base use — — — — _ 

1 slice pineapple 

The candle is 

V-2 banana set 
upright in 
center of 
pineapple slice 

The flame is 

1 maraschino 

fastened on top 
of banana with 

a toothpick 

salads lunch 127 

A-« Bunny Salad 

This bunny has just come out of the garden. 

Place crisp lettuce leaf on plate. 

On top of it, place upside down 

Make bunny, using narrow 
end for face. 




For his tail 

WZUts ft 

1 chilled pear half 

2 raisins 

1 red cinnamon 

2 blanched almonds 

cottage cheese ball 

128 lunch salads 

Potato Salad 


4 medium potatoes 

(Use 2 quarts water, 1 teaspoon salt in covered pan. Cook 30 to 
35 minutes, or until skins start to break and fork slips in 

Drain off water, then cover with cold water, and drain again. 

Lay potatoes on cutting board and pull off skin. 

Put cold peeled potatoes in salad bowl. Break into bite-sized 
pieces with fork. 


3 hard-cooked eggs, 
sliced (page 109) 
1 cup diced celery 
X A cup minced onion 
Vz cup pickle relish 
X A cup French 

Sprinkle in 

X A teaspoon salt 

Toss together and chill thoroughly. 
Just before serving, fold in — ■— 

x /2 cup cooked salad 
dressing or 

Serve in lettuce-lined bowl. 6 servings. 

"I found out you can save time if you chop up 
the onion and celery while the potatoes are 
boiling." Bette Anne 

salads i.uncii 129 

Use a fork to break up potatoes in 

Chop several stalks of celery at 

Cut surface of onion in tiny 
squares. Cut across in tiny slices. 

Toss salad gently with two forks. 

Use a rubber scraper to fold in 
salad dressing. 

Lay whole leaves of lettuce 
around the bowl to line it. 


130 lunch breads 

Whiz Nut Bread 

Heat oven to 350 

Grease thoroughly 9-inch loaf pan. 

Mix in bowl 

Beat hard 30 seconds. Batter may 
be lumpy. 

Vz cup sugar 
VA cups milk 
3 cups Bisquick 

Stir in 

1^2 cups chopped 

Pour into pan. 

Bake 45 to 50 minutes, until a toothpick stuck in center comes 
out clean. 

Cool. Always slice with a bread knife. 

"Betty Crocker said not to worry about a crack 
in your nut bread. It's supposed to be there." 


breads lunch 131 


Heat oven to 400°. 

Grease 12 medium-sized muffin cups. 

Beat slightly with fork — — 




Stir in 

1 cup milk 
V4 cup cooking 

(salad) oil or 



Sift together 

2 cups sifted Gold 

Medal Flour 
1 4 cup sugar 

3 teaspoons baking 

1 teaspoon salt 

Stir into milk mixture just until flour is moistened. Batter will 
be lumpy. Do not overmix. Fill muffin cups 2 / 3 full. 

Bake 20 to 25 minutes, or until golden brown. 

Makes 12 medium-sized muffins. 


Fold l'/2 cups Wheaties carefully into 
the batter for richer Muffins on the Bis- 
quick package. 

132 lunch desserts 

Fruit Gelatin 

Prepare according to directions — ■— 

Stir thoroughly, until entirely dis- 
solved. Then chill in refrigerator. 

When mixture starts to thicken, add. 

1 package fruit- 
flavored gelatin 

2 cups cut-up fruit, 

Pour into ring mold, square pan, or fancy mold if you have one. 
Chill until set. 

Unmold by dipping quickly in hot water. Gelatin slips out 

Serve plain or with cream. 

6 servings. 

To make gelatin in colored layers as photographed on page 156 
is easy. Just let each layer set before you add the next one. 

K** x- 

mm ^t 

J *T 'J? 'tv rv m 7 ^ 

Try Mixing Your Fruits J ^ 



ITT ^WW ^ ^ *> 

Bananas and strawberries are good together. 

Raspberries and peaches are go-togethers, too, and canned 
pineapple with sweet cherries. 

But never use fresh or frozen pineapple ! It keeps the gelatin 

desserts lunch 133 

Wash, peel, quarter, and core 

Add water about 1 2 -inch deep in 
pan. Cover tightly and bring to a 
boil (about 5 minutes). Turn down 
heat and simmer until tender. 

8 medium apples 

Stir in to taste 

about V-2 cup sugar 

Reheat to boiling. 

Sprinkle lightly with cinnamon or nutmeg and serve warm or 

Pink Applesauce 

Add 2 or 3 drops of red food coloring or about a tablespoon of 

"I just love pink applesauce. And it's easy!" Linda 

134 lunch cakes 

Easy Orange Cake 

1 package Betty 
Make batter according to directions on Crocker Yellow 

Cake Mix 

"Fold into batter before baking 


tablespoons grated 
orange rind 

Pour into greased and floured 13 x 9y 2 x 2-inch oblong pan. Bake 
as directed. Serve warm with Clear Orange Sauce. 

Clear Orange Sauce j 

Mix in saucepan 

1 cup sugar 

X A tsp. salt 
2 tbsp. cornstarch 

Stir in 

1 cup orange juice 
X A cup lemon juice 
% cup boiling water 


Boil 1 minute stirring constantly. Remove from heat. 


Stir in 

1 tbsp. butter 
1 tsp. each grated 

orange rind and 

lemon rind 

Keep hot until time to serve, then pour over cake. 
Makes 2 cups of sauce. 

"Making a cake is fun, and half the fun is licking 
the bowl." Lucy 

cakes lunch 135 

Use a rubber scraper on the sides Use a rubber scraper to fold 
of the mixing bowl. orange rind into the batter. 

136 lunch cookies 

Backyard Picnic Lunch 

Cold Sliced Ham 

Potato Salad (page 128) 

Dill Pickles Picnic Buns 

(split and buttered) 
Ice Cream Cones 
Stir-n-Drop Oatmeal Cookies 



r o 







1 ^ 

1 ^ 





w *"" ' 



cookies LUNCH 137 

Stir- n -Drop Oatmeal Cookies 

Just about the best filler there is for the cooky jar. 
Heat oven to 375°. 

Combine in bowl 

1 cup sifted Gold 

Medal Flour 
1 teaspoon baking 

Yz teaspoon salt 
Yz teaspoon 

V2 teaspoon ginger 
1 cup brown sugar 

1 cup rolled oats 

Then mix in thoroughly 

Ya cup cooking 
(salad) oil 
2 tablespoons milk 

Stir in 

% cup Spanish 

Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls 2 inches apart on lightly 
greased baking sheet. 

Bake about 10 minutes, just until soft. 

Makes about 3 dozen cookies. 

\tj-W cookies 


138 lunch cookies 

Butterscotch Brownies 

Heat oven to 350°. 

Grease an 8-inch square pan. 
In saucepan melt over low heat 

V4 cup shortening 

Take from heat and stir in 
Set aside to cool. 

1 cup light brown 
sugar (packed) 

Into cooled sugar and shortening stiH 1 egg 


Add and blend well 

% cup sifted Gold 
Medal Flour 

1 teaspoon baking 

Vz teaspoon salt 

Then stir in 

Spread in pan. 

Vi teaspoon vanilla 
V2 cup chopped nuts 


Bake 25 minutes, only until a toothpick stuck in center comes 
out clean. Do not overbake. 

Cool in the pan and cut into squares. 
Makes 16 2-inch squares. 

"It's better to bake brownies not long enough 
than too long. Better ask mother to help you 
decide when these are done." Betty Crocker 

cookies LUNCH 139 

Well-packed brown sugar 
hold its shape when turned o 
the cup. 

There is a color photograph of Brownies, Coconut Macaroons, 
and Date Bars on page 160. 

Whiz Coconut Macaroons 

Delicious vanilla macaroons, made so 
quickly with Betty Crocker Coconut 
Macaroon Mix. 

Whiz Date Bars 

They have an oatmeal-coconut crust and 
rich date filling. Ready in a jiffy with 
Betty Crocker Date Bar Mix. 

140 lunch cookies 


Heat oven to 350°. 

Grease an 8-inch square pan. 

Put in mixing bowl  

Set bowl in pan of hot water and 
heat to melt chocolate. 

Take from heat and beat in 

2 squares 

(2 ounces) 

Vz cup shortening 

Stir in 

% cup sifted Gold 
Medal Flour 

Yz teaspoon baking 

% teaspoon salt 

Then mix in 

y<i cup chopped nuts 

Spread in pan. 

Bake 30 to 35 minutes, only until a toothpick stuck in center 
comes out clean. Cool in pan, and cut in squares. 

Makes 16 2-inch squares. 

Whiz Brownies 

When you're in a hurry, use Betty 
Crocker Brownie Mix. You'll have deli- 
cious brownies, fudgy or cake-like, de- 
pending on which kind you choose. 




Dinner is the sociable meal of the day when all the family sit 
down together and tell what's happened at school, at work, and 
at play. 

You can help make dinner more than just another meal if you 
learn and practice the arts of the dinner table. 

Take Pride in the Table. For happy family meals set the table 
just as carefully and attractively as you would for company. 
Always use a pretty centerpiece even if only a little pot of ivy 
from the window sill or a figurine off the cupboard shelf. 

Care About Etiquette and Good Manners. When you have good 
manners people like you better and enjoy having you around. 
There is a reason for all the rules— to show consideration and 
thoughtfulness for others and make mealtimes a pleasure. 

Good manners are not something to put on for company, but 
should be a part of us. They are like walking and talking and all 
other skills. Once we learn them, they just come naturally. 

Make Dinner a Fun Time. Start a game of Table Topics. Each 
member of the family has a turn choosing the topic and all tell 
everything they know about it. Anyone may be challenged, so 
you'll want to keep the dictionary or encyclopedia handy. 

142 dinner relishes 


Fancy little extras like these always look tricky. But 
they're really easy, and fun to make. 

Carrot Curls 

Peel fresh crisp carrots with a Slice the length of carrot pa- 
peeler, per-thin, with peeler, for long 

very thin slices. 

Roll up each slice around your 
finger and hold it together 
with a toothpick. Be sure the 
shape is round. Soak curls in 
ice water for about an hour to 
hold their shape. 

Use a peeler like this to slice the 
carrot paper-thin. 

For round curls, roll the carrot 
slices around your finger. 

Stick toothpick through curl to 
hold together. 

relishes dinner 143 

Celery Curls 

Separate, then wash, a stalk 
of celery. Cut each rib into 
short lengths. 

Slit in narrow strips at both 
ends. Soak in ice water until 
ends curl. 

Cut several stalks of celery at 

Slit both ends of the celery stick. 

The finished celery curl looks like 

Radish Roses 

Scrub fresh red radishes. radish from root end almost to 

stem end. 
Cut off root end. Leave a bit of 
stem and leaf. Place "roses" in ice water to 

Then cut thin "petals" around 

Use a small paring knife to make Ice water makes the radish rose 

"petals" on radishes. open its petals. 

144 dinner main dishes 

Italian Spaghetti 

Aren't you glad you don't have to go 
to Italy to get this favorite dish? 


Heat in heavy frying pan 

Add and brown 

Add and cook until yellow 

*4 cup cooking 
(salad) oil 

1 pound ground 

2 tablespoons 

minced parsley 
2 medium onions, 

2 cloves garlic, 



Simmer over low heat 2 hours. 

Follow directions on package for 
cooking — — ^— -— — — — 

two 8-ounce cans 

tomato puree 
two 6-ounce cans 

tomato paste 
2 teaspoons 


salt to taste 

8 ounces long 

Pour sauce over spaghetti and 
sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese. 

6 servings. 

main dishes m \ \ i k 1 15 

146 dinner main dishes 

Meat Loaf 

Heat oven to 350°. 

Combine in bowl 

Stir together thoroughly. 

3 slices soft bread, 

broken in 

1 cup milk 
V-A teaspoons salt 
}4 cup minced onion 
1 tablespoon 



Mix in 

iy 2 pounds ground 
beef or meat 
loaf mixture 

Form into loaf and place in 9-inch loaf pan. 
Bake 1 hour. 
6 to 8 servings. 

Dinner from the Garden 
Meat Loaf 

Buttered New Potatoes Sliced Tomatoes and Cucumbers 
Strawberry Shortcake (page 174) 

main dishes dinner 147 

Things You Can Do 
with Meat Loaf 

Hot Topper 

Spread 3 tablespoons catsup or chili sauce over top of loaf 
before baking. 


When forming loaf, tuck in 3 hard-cooked eggs along the 
cenU-i . 


When loaf is baked, frost the top with mashed potatoes. 
Sprinkle with paprika and broil until golden. 

Baby, Belies 

Shape meat loaf mixture into 8 small loaves and lay in shallow 
pan. Top each baby loaf with a thin slice of onion. Bake at 350" 
for 1 hour. 

"Meat loaf that's left over makes the most won- 
derful sandwiches!'' Becky 

U * 

148 dinner main dishes 


Melt in frying pan 

Swedish Meat Balls 

A wonderful way to dress up ground beef. 

I 1 tablespoon butter 

Add and cook until tender 

1 green pepper, 

1 onion, minced 


Stir in 

Heat to boiling, then turn down heat 
While sauce cooks, make meat balls. 

one 10y 2 -ounce 
can condensed 
chicken with 
rice soup 

one 10y 2 -ounce 
can condensed 
tomato soup 

1 cup water or beef 

Put in bowl ' 

2 slices soft bread, 

broken in pieces 
Vk cup evaporated 


1 teaspoon salt 

1 pound ground 

Mix thoroughly and shape into balls about the size of a ping 
pong ball. Drop balls into simmering sauce and cook slowly 
about 1 hour, or until sauce has cooked down enough to be 

6 servings. 


main dishes dinnu 149 

Drop the meat balls in carefully so 
that the hot sauce won't splatter. 

150 dinner main dishes 

Chili Concoction 

You serve this in bowls and eat it with 
a spoon and you never tasted such 
good chili. 

Melt in frying pan 


2 tablespoons fat 



IV2 pounds ground 

Break meat apart and stir with fork 
as it browns lightly. 

Then stir in 

Heat to boiling, 
then turn down heat 

Simmer 1 hour. 

It to 6 servings. 

one no. 2 can 

one no. 2 can 

kidney beans 
1 large onion, 

1 tablespoon chili 

V2 teaspoon salt 

main dishes DINNER 151 

Spanish Rice 

Follow directions on 
package for cooking 


1 cup rice 

Heat oven to 400°. 

Fry until crisp on medium heat 

Put bacon in 1%-cpiart baking dish 
and toss it around to grease dish. 

Add to bacon fat 

Cook until onion is yellow. 

Add (in frying pan) 

Turn into baking dish. 

Sprinkle over top 

Bake 25 to 30 minutes. 

If to 6 servings. 

4 slices bacon, cut 

Yi cup minced 

*4 cup chopped 

green pepper 

cooked rice 
(3 cups) 

2 cups canned 
1% teaspoons salt 

Vi cup grated 


Lay bacon flat on board to cut across in 
narrow strips. 

152 dinner main dishes 

American Pizza 

Italian Pie 

Heat oven to 425 

Stir together with fork 

Knead about 1 minute on lightly 
floured board. Roll into a circle *4 
inch thick. Place on baking sheet. 
Pinch edge of dough to make a 
slight rim. 

Spread on dough, in order listed 

Bake 20 to 25 minutes. 6 servings. 

The colored photograph on the op- 
posite page is an American Pizza. 

2 cups Bisquick 
x /z cup water 

V2 cup grated 
IV2 to 2 cups well 

drained, cooked 
tomatoes, cut 
in pieces 

1 cup chopped 

V2 pound nippy 
cheese, cut in 
small pieces 

2 tablespoons 

(salad) oil 
V2 medium onion, 

"Pizza cuts up real easy if you use the kitchen 

Scissors." Peter 

? i 


Long John Silver Sandwich 


% - 



Fruit Gelatin (see page 1 32) 


Strawberry Minute Pie (see page 176) 

Strawberry Shortcake (see page 174) 






Raggedy Ann Salad (see page 125) 

Three Men in a Boat (see page 1 23) 









** # 


main dishes dinnkr 161 

Buttered Green Beans 

Wash and snip ends of 1 ! 2 
pounds green beans. Lay 
beans on cutting board and 
cut in 1-inch lengths. 

In covered saucepan heat 
about 1 inch salted water to 

Add beans and bring to boil, 
then turn down heat and cook 
slowly about 15 minutes or 
until tender. 

Drain any extra water and 
add 1 tablespoon butter. 

If servings. 

Cut several beans at one time. 

"We do carrots and cabbage this way at our 
house with just a little bit of water. And they're 

SO good!" Eric 

162 dinner vegetables 

Corn on the Cob 

Just before cooking, remove 
husks and silks. 

In covered saucepan, heat 
about 1 inch water to boiling. 

Put a few inner husks on the 
bottom of the pan and lay 
corn on top. Cook 3 to 6 min- 
utes, depending on the size 
and age of the corn. 

A little sugar helps the flavor 
of older corn. 

Canned Peas 
De Luxe 

Pour liquid from can of peas 
into saucepan. Boil it, uncov- 
ered, until liquid cooks down. 
Add 1 tablespoon butter. Put 
peas in pan and heat. 


They look and taste just like 
fresh vegetables. So quick and 
easy because they are all 
cleaned and ready to cook. 
Follow package directions . 

Cook the exact time given on 
the package. Start counting 
the minutes when the frozen 
block of vegetables is broken 
up and the water starts boil- 
ing again. 

Use high heat until steam ap- 
pears, then turn down heat 
and simmer until tender. 

The liquid from the can makes 
the flavor of the peas better. 


vegetables dinner 163 

Cabbage Wedgies 

Remove outer leaves of medi- 
um-sized cabbage head. 

Put on cutting board and cut 
in half, storing one half for 
Cole Slaw (page 168) the next 

Turn flat side down and cut in 
half again. 

Then cut each piece in half, 
giving you four wedges. 

Cook, covered, in V2 to 1 inch 
boiling salted water, bringing 

water to a rolling boil then 
turning heat low and cooking 
about 15 minutes, until tender. 

Prick with a fork to test. 

Drain off extra cooking water 
and add 1 tablespoon butter. 
Turn wedges so they are all 

Serve a wedge to each person. 
Sprinkle with paprika for 

4 servings. 

TV Dinner on Trays 

Spanish Rice (page 151) 
Pickles and Relishes 
Whuffins (page 131) 

Apple Crisp (page 171) 

164 dinner vegetables 


Boiled Potatoes 


Scrub thoroughly or peel thin. 
Cook covered in 1 inch boil- 
ing, salted water until pota- 
toes are tender. It takes about 

30 minutes, depending on size o~ ^ - ~J" Crinkling; of 

of potatoes. Prick with fork to pepper  . -kUm^ nkhng 
tell when tender. parsiey u yw 

Shake over low heat to dry. 
Serve with butter, salt, and 

Mashed Potatoes 

Peel and quarter 

In covered pan heat about 1 inch salted water to boiling Add 
potToes a?d 'bring to boil, then turn *™£^££^ 
about 20 minutes, until potatoes are tender when pricked witn 
a fork. Drain remaining water or boil dry. 

Mash with potato masher or electric mixer. 


1/2 cup hot milk 
3 tablespoons butter 
y 4 teaspoon salt 

Beat until light and fluffy. 

6 servings. 

"Betty Crocker says when you boil the potatoes 
in their jackets, they taste better and they re 
more good for you, too." Randee 

vegetables dinner 165 

Baked Potatoes 

Heat oven to 400°. 

Choose baking potatoes of medium size. Scrub with a brush. 

Rub with fat for soft skin. 

Prick skin with fork to let steam escape during baking. 

Bake until potatoes are tender (prick with fork to test) about 1 

To serve plain baked potatoes, cut criss-cross gash on potato 

Squeeze until potato pops up through opening. 

Season with salt, pepper, and butter and serve at once. 

166 dinner vegetables 

Potatoes Anna 

Raw-fried potatoes with glamor. 

Melt 2 tablespoons butter in Cover tightly and heat until 
heavy frying pan. steaming. Then turn down 

heat and cook 15 minutes. 
Peel very thin 4 medium-sized 

potatoes, and cut in paper-thin Uncover. Cook until the bot- 
slices. torn is crispy brown. 

Arrange slices in two or three Turn potatoes out upside 

layers in frying pan. Sprinkle down onto serving plate, 
each layer with salt and dot 

with butter. if. servings. 


Paper-thin slices cook faster. 

You may overlap your pota- 
toes a little, but each layer 
should be only one slice thick. 

Put a plate over the pan and then turn 
the pan upside down so that the brown 
crust will be on the top. 

vegetables dinner 167 

Scalloped Potatoes 

Use small bits of butter for 

Heat oven to 350°. 

In l!/2-quart baking dish arrange 
in two layers 

Sprinkle each layer with salt and 
dot with 

3 to 4 cups peeled, 
thinly sliced 
raw potatoes 

1 tablespoon 

minced onion 

Pour over all 

Bake uncovered about 2V4 hours. 

IV4 cups hot milk 

If servings. 

168 dinner salads 

Cole Slaw 

Call it cabbage salad and it will taste just as good. 

Shred on cutting board 

Vz medium head 

Chill in plastic bag in refrigerator 
to crisp. 

Combine in salad bowl 

Add cabbage and toss together 
Sprinkle with paprika. 
Serve icy cold. 
6 servings. 

1 medium onion, 


2 tablespoons 

x /4 cup evaporated 

milk or heavy 

Va cup salad dressing 
X A teaspoon salt 
V2 teaspoon dry 


salads DINNEl !<>?> 

Sunshine Salad 

Empty into small mixing bowl 

1 package lemon- 
flavored gelatin 

Stir in 

Stir thoroughly until gelatin is 
entirely dissolved. 

1 cup boiling water 


Then stir in 

Chill in refrigerator. 

When gelatin starts to thicken, add 

1 2 cup ice water 
one 9-ounce can 
pinch of salt 

2 medium-sized 
carrots, grated 

Pour into 8-inch square pan and chill in refrigerator until firm. 

Cut in squares and serve on crisp lettuce leaves with mayon- 

6 servings. 

Hold your fingers away from Use a knife to cut salad in 

the grater. squares. 

170 dinner biscuits 

Drop Biscuits 

Heat oven to 450°. 

Grease baking sheet lightly. 

Mix in bowl 

2 cups sifted Gold 

Medal Flour 

3 teaspoons baking 


teaspoon salt 

With blender cut in until fine 

|y 3 cup soft 


With fork stir in 

% cup milk 


Drop biscuit-sized pieces of dough onto baking sheet. (Push the 
dough off the fork with rubber scraper.) 

Leave 2-inch space between biscuits so they can brown and will 
be separate. 

Bake 10 to 12 minutes, until brown. Serve piping hot. 

Makes 12 to 20 biscuits. 

Whiz Biscuits 

Quick as a wink. Just make Bis- 
cuits as directed on the Bisquick 
package. Double Whiz Biscuits, 
even quicker. They come in a can, 
Bisquick and Puffin, and you keep 
them in the refrigerator, all ready 
to bake. 

desserts dinner 171 

Apple Crisp 

A real family dessert. Especially good on a cold winter night. 

Heat oven to 350°. 

Spread in 8-inch square pan — 


4 cups sliced apples 

Sprinkle with mixture of 

Va cup water 
1 teaspoon 

V-i teaspoon salt 

Work together until crumbly, 
using pastry blender —^"— — 

Spread crumb mixture over apples. 
Bake uncovered about IfO minutes. 
Serve warm with rich milk. 
6 servings. 

1 cup sugar 
% cup sifted Gold 
Medal Flour 
% cup soft butter 


The apples should be spread 
evenly in the pan. 

It's easy to cut in shortening 
when you use a pastry blender. 

172 dinner desserts 

Hot Fudge Pudding 

Heat oven to 350°. 

1 cup sifted Gold 
Medal Flour 

2 teaspoons 

baking powder 
*4 teaspoon salt 

3 A cup sugar 
2 tablespoons 


Stir in 

Spread in 9-inch square pan. 
In small bowl blend — — 

V2 cup milk 
2 tablespoons 
(salad) oil 
1 cup chopped nuts 

1 cup brown sugar 

V\ cup cocoa 

Sprinkle sugar mixture over top of batter. 
Pour over all — — — — — 

1% cups hot water 

Bake ^5 minutes. 

Serve warm or cold with rich milk or cream. 

9 servings. 

"It's yummy, and it makes its own chocolate 

Sauce." Lucy 

denei ta dim n kr 173 

You will get a more even top- 
ping if you use a flour sifter to 
sprinkle the brown sugar and 
cocoa mixture. 

Use a rubber scraper to spread 
batter in pan. 

174 dinner desserts 


Strawberry Shortcake 

M The All-American dessert. Now you can enjoy it the 
ST y ear around, with fresh or frozen berries. 

Heat oven to 450°. 

Grease two 8-inch layer pans. 

Stir together in a bowl 

2 cups sifted Gold 
Medal Flour 

2 tablespoons sugar 

3 teaspoons baking 

1 teaspoon salt 

With pastry blender, cut in fine 

y 3 cup shortening 


Stir in, with fork, just until blendedH 1 cup milk 


Spread dough in pans. Dot with butter. 

Bake about 15 minutes, until medium brown. 

Place one layer on serving plate upside down; cover with 
sweetened berries; top with other layer, right side up; cover 
with more berries. 

Serve warm with plain or whipped cream. 
6 to 8 servings. 

If you like, you can make small shortcakes like the one photo- 
graphed on page 157. 

desserts i»in\u 175 

It's easier to mix the dry ingre- 
dients with a fork. 

Use a rubber scraper to spread 
the dough, then dot on small 
bits of butter. 

A pastry blender is best for 
cutting in shortening. 

The berries stay on the cake 
better if you turn the bottom 
layer upside down. 

Whiz Strawberry Shortcake 

The jiffy kind. Just make it 
as directed on the Bisquick 

176 dinner pies 

Strawberry Minute Pie 

Put in bowl 

1 package 

flavored gelatin 

1 cup hot water 

Stir until thoroughly dissolved. 


1 package unthawed 

sweetened, sliced 
(16 ounces) 

Break up berries with a fork. When fruit mixture is partially 
set pour into a cooled, baked pie shell. 

Chill in refrigerator until filling is set. 

Just before serving top with whipped cream or ice cream. 

There is a color photograph of Strawberry Minute Pie on page 


Whiz Cream Puffs 

Now you can make your own, eas- 
ily, with Betty Crocker Cream Puff 
Mix. Fill them with ice cream, whip- 
ped cream, or your favorite pudding 
mix. Crushed strawberries mixed 
with the whipped cream makes a 
good filling too. 

Whiz Pie Shell 

Always tender and flaky. Just make 
the baked pie shell as directed on 
the package of Betty Crocker In- 
stant Pie Crust Mix in sticks. 

cakes dinner 177 

Velvet Crumb Cake 

Heat oven to 350°. 

Grease and flour 8-inch square pan 

Stir together 

IV3 cups Bisquick 
% cup sugar 


Beat vigorously 1 minute. 

3 tablespoons soft 

Vi cup milk 

Stir in 

Vz cup more milk 
1 teaspoon vanilla 

Beat \'z minute more. 

Pour into pan. 

Bake 35 to IfO minutes. 

While cake is still warm cover with Broiled Coconut Icing. 

Broiled Coconut Icing 


3 tablespoons soft 

1 .5 cup brown sugar 

2 tablespoons top 

1 2 cup flaked 

1 1 cup chopped nuts 

Spread mixture over warm cake in pan. Place 3 inches under 
broiler at low heat until mixture bubbles and browns (3 to 5 
minutes). Watch the icing closely as it broils, so it won't burn. 

178 dinner cakes 

Velvet Fudge Cake 

There's a rich, gooey frosting 
baked in the middle and on top. 

Heat oven to 350°. 

Grease and flour 8-inch square pan. 

Stir together 


Beat vigorously 1 minute. 

lMs cups Bisquick 
% cup sugar 
Vz cup cocoa 

3 tablespoons soft 

*4 cup milk 

Stir in 

V2 cup more milk 
1 teaspoon vanilla 

Beat V-2. minute more. 

Pour half of batter into pan. Spread with half of Topping 

Cover with remaining batter. 

Bake 35 to J^O minutes. 

Immediately spread with rest of Topping. Serve warm. 

For Topping, mix y 2 cup ( x / 2 package) semi-sweet chocolate 
pieces, melted, V3 cup water, 2 cups finely chopped coconut. 


safety rules 179 


Pot holders save you from burns. 

Pans won't upset and spill if handles 
are turned to back of range. 

Ask your mother before you use a 
sharp knife or the can opener. 

When you use the vegetable peeler, 
cut away from yourself. 


Slice, dice, chop, and mince on a chop 
ping board. 

180 rules measuring 


Vegetable peeler 

Wire strainer 

Cutting board 

Can opener 





Pancake turner 

Vegetable brush 

Knife for chopping 

Ring mold 

Double boiler 

Heavy frying pan 

nic.iMiring ki i ^ s 181 

A Good Cook Measures Exactly 




Baking Powder 





Sift more than you need onto a square 
of waxed paper or into a bowl. Spoon 
lightly into cup, heaping it up. Level 
off. Don't shake or tap cup. 

White granulated and confectioners'— 
Spoon lightly into cup. Level off. 
Don't knock or tap cup. 

Brown— Fill cup and press down with 
your fingers. Pack it in until sugar 
holds its shape when you turn it 

Pour salt into small glass or bowl and 
dip into it to measure. You may not get 
the right amount if you pour it into 
your spoon. 

Stir, then fill measuring spoon. Level 

Pour into measuring spoon from bot- 
tle, not over your mixing bowl. You 
might pour in too much. 

Take small amounts with rubber 
scraper and pack into cup. Level off. 

For approximate measure: 
There are 8 tablespoons or ' i cup in 
each \ 4 pound stick and 4 tablespoons 
or Vi cup in half a stick. 

Set glass measuring cup on table. Pour 
in liquid to proper mark. 

You'll Need These Utensils 




fork and knife Pastry blender Wooden spoon 


Rotary egg beater 

or electric mixer Mixing bowls Rubber scraper 



Measuring Cups— 1 /^ , 
y 3 , 1/2, 1 cup. 


¥.•■ J 

Measuring Cup 

Measuring Spoons 
X A, V2, 1 tsp., 1 tbsp. 





Rubber Scraper 


Baking sheet 

Pie pan 

8-inch square pan 

Two 8 or 9-inch 
9-inch loaf pan 13-inch oblong pan round layer pans 


12-cup muffin pan Wide spatula 

Rolling pin with 


Pastrj/ doth Wire rack 

184 rules cooking terms 

You'll Want to Know These 
Cooking Terms 

Bake— Cook in oven. 

Beat— Mix vigorously, over and over with a spoon or fork or 
round and round with a beater. 

Blend— Combine two or more ingredients well. 

Boil— Cook in liquid so hot that it bubbles and keeps on 

Broil— Cook next to heat, under broiler in range or over coals. 

Chop— Cut in pieces with knife or chopper. 

Combine— Mix together. 

Cube— Cut in y± to y2-inch squares of six equal sides. 

Cut In— Combine shortening and flour with pastry blender. 

Dice— Cut in very small ^-inch squares. 

Dot— Drop bits of butter or cheese here and there over food. 

Drain— Pour off liquid. 

Flour— Dust greased pans with flour until well coated on bottom 
and sides. Shake out extra flour. 

( ooking tciins kiiis 1H"» 

Fold-Combine gently, bringing rubber scraper down through 
mixture, across bottom, up and over top until blended. 

Grease— Spread bottom and sides of pan with shortening. 

Knead-Work dough with your hands in a folding-back and 
pressing-forward motion. 

Melt— Heat until liquid. 

Mince— Chop in tiny pieces. 

Roll Out— Place on board and spread thin with a rolling pin. 

Shred— Cut in very thin strips. 

Sift— Put through a flour sifter or fine sieve. 

Simmer— Cook over heat near boiling but not hot enough to 

Soft Shortening-Butter, lard, or vegetable shortening at room 
temperature, so it can be measured easily. 

Stir— Mix round and round with spoon. 

Toss— Mix lightly. 

Whip— Add air by beating 
with beater or electric mixer 

186 rules manners 

Kitchen Manners 


Choose a time to suit your mother, so you won't be in her way. 

Wear an apron to keep your dress or blue jeans clean and be 
sure to wash your hands. 

Read your recipe and all directions very carefully. Look at 
the pictures. They tell you how to do each step. 

Put all your ingredients on a tray. Then set each one off as 
you use it. 

On another tray put all the tools and pans you'll need. 

Have you left anything out? Read your recipe again and be 


Is everything spic and span? 
Then your mother will be glad 
to have you cook again. 



INDEX 187 

American pizza, 152- 

Angel food cakes, 42- 

Apple crisp, 171 
Applesauce, 133 
pink, 133 
polka dot day- 

brightener, 83 

Bacon-cheese sand- 
wiches, toasted, 
Bake, how to, 184 
Baking, utensils for, 

Baking powder, 

measuring, 181 

candle salad, 126 
fruit gelatin, 132 
little man who 

wasn't there, 91 
tropical morning, 83 
Bars, date, 139, 160 

baked, scout franks 

and, 72 
green, buttered, 161 
Beat, how to, 184 
chili, 150 

dried, creamed, 122 
three men in a 
boat, 123, 159 
hamburgers, 104- 

107, 114 
meat balls, Swedish, 

meat loaf, 146-147 

Beef (cont.): 

spaghetti, Italian 
Beverages, see Drinks 
Birthday cakes, 
angel food, 42-43 
name cake, 27 
Biscuits, 170 
drop, 170 
whiz, 170 
Black cat cookies, 44- 

Blend, how to, 184 
Fourth of July 

firecracker, 83 
Boil, how to, 184 

breakfast ring, 

jolly, 94-95, 116 
cinnamon rolls, 

whiz, 98-99, 117 
coffee, easy, 92, 117 

icing, 93 
ginger, 96 
topping, 97 
whiz, 97 
muffins, 100, 131 
nut, whiz, 130 
Breakfast, 81-100 
menus, 83 
recipes, 82-100 
treats, 83 
Breakfast ring, jolly, 

94-95. 116 
Broil, how to, 184 
Brownies, 138-140, 160 
butterscotch, 138 
whiz, 140 
Bunny salad, 127 

Butter, measuring, 181 
Butter icing, 25 

brownies, 138 


cole slaw, 168 
wedgies, 163 
Cakemaking tips, 7 
Cakes, 6-43 

angel food, 42-43 
birthday, 27, 42-43 
button, 19 
chocolate layer, 10- 

clown, 16-17, 73 
devils food, 9 
drum, 32-33 
Easter hat, 29, 39 
easy orange, 134-135 
Eskimo igloo, 14-15, 40 

cocoa, 8-9 
velvet, 178 
funny bunny, 28 
heart, 30-31, 39 
ice cream cone, 18, 

icing, 20-21 
name, 27 
pumpkin face, 41 
tips for making, 7 
zoo, 12-13, 38 
See also Cupcake; 
Campfire cooking, 64- 
doughboys, 70-71, 79 

INDEX 188 

Campfire cooking (cont.): 
eggs in a frame, 66, 

franks and beans, 

scout, 72 
kabobs, 68, 78 
menu, 66 
Mulligan stew, 69 
potatoes, butter- 
fried, 67 
s'mores, 72 
Candle salad, 126 

caramel pralines, 58 
fudge, chocolate, 56 
fudge, opera, 58 
Kix comets, 57 
peanut butter 

cremes, 57 
Wheaties ting-a- 
lings, 56 
Caramel coconut, 

toast topper, 82 
Caramel fudge 

frosting, 26 
Caramel pralines, 58 
Carrot curls, 142 

sunshine salad, 169 
Celery curls, 143 
Centerpieces, 141 
Cereals, tricks and 

treats with, 90-91 

fatso, 91 

macaroni and, 110- 

pizza, American 

three men in a 
boat, 123, 159 
Cheeseburgers, 104, 114 
Cheese dreams, 120, 

Cheese sandwiches, 
bacon, toasted, 108 
cheese dreams, 120, 121 


fruit gelatin, 132 
Chili, 150 
Chocolate cakes, 
cocoa fudge, 8-9 
devils food, 9 
fudge, velvet, 178 
layer, 10-11 
Chocolate fudge, 56 
Chocolate fudge flavor 

frosting, 23, 26 
Chocolate fudge milk 

shake, 62 
Chocolate fudge soda, 

Chocolate malt flavor 

frosting, 26 
Chop, how to, 184 
Cinnamon mix, toast 

topper, 82 
Cinnamon muffins, 100 
Cinnamon rolls, whiz, 

98-99, 117 
Clown cupcakes, 16- 

Cocoa continental, 84 
Cocoa fudge cake, 8-9 

caramel, toast 
topper, 82 
Coconut icing, 
broiled, 177 
Coconut macaroons, 

139, 160 
Coffee bread, easy, 
92, 117 
icing, 93 
Cole slaw, 168 
Combine, how to, 184 

black cat, 44-45 
brownies, 138-140, 

date bars, 139, 160 
good kid, 55, 76-77 
macaroons, whiz, 
139, 160 

Cookies (cont.): 
molasses crinkles, 

oatmeal, stir-n- 

drop, 137 
paintbrush, 36-37, 48 
salted peanut 
crisps, 54 
shapes, unusual, 

sugar, 50-51 

campfire, 64-72 
utensils for, 180 
Cooking terms, de- 
fined, 184 
Cranberry toast 

topper, 82 
Corn on the cob, 162 
Cream puffs, whiz, 

Crinkles, molasses, 52-53 
Cube, how to, 184 

clown, 16-17, 73 
ice cream cone, 18, 
Cut in, how to, 184 

Date bars, 139, 160 
Designs, cooky, 49 

apple crisp, 171 
cream puffs, whiz, 

crumb cake, velvet, 

fudge cake, velvet, 

hot fudge pudding, 

strawberry minute 

pie, 157, 176 
strawberry short- 
cake, 157, 174-175 
See also Cakes, 




Devils food cake, 9 
Dice, how to, 184 
Dinner, 141-178 

menus, 163, 165, 168 
Dot, how to, 184 
Doughboys, 70-71, 79 

whiz, 71 
Drain, how to, 184 
Dried beef, creamed, 
three men in a 
boat, 123 

cocoa continental, 

eggnog, 34, 61 
fruit float, 60 
lemonade, 60 
pink, 34, 60 
milk shake, choco- 
late fudge, 62 
red rouser, 35, 61 
soda, chocolate 
fudge, 35, 63 
Drop biscuits, 170 
Drum cake, 32-33 

Easter hat cake, 29, 39 
Easy orange cake, 134-135 
Egg salad sandwich 

rolls, 109 
Egg yolk paint, 48 
Eggnog, 34. 61 

French toast, 85 

fried, 86 

hard-cooked, 109 

scrambled, 87 

soft-cooked, 86 
Eggs in a frame, 66, 80 
Eskimo igloo cake, 

14-15, 40 
Etiquette, 141 
Extra special, 6-63 
Fatso. 91, 119 
Fire dog topping, for 
gingerbread, 97 

Float, fruit, 34, 60 

denned, 184 
measuring, 181 
Fluffy white frosting, 

Fold, how to, 185 
Fourth of July fire- 
cracker, 83 
pigs in blankets, 

scout franks and 
beans, 72 
French toast, 85 

caramel fudge, 26 
chocolate fudge flavor, 

22-23, 26 
chocolate malt flavor, 

fire dog topping for 
gingerbread, 97 
white, fluffy, 26 
whiz, 26 
See also Icings 
Frozen vegetables, 

Fruit float, 34, 60 
Fruit gelatin, 132, 156 
Fudge, chocolate, 56 
Fudge cake, 
cocoa, 8-9 
velvet, 178 
Fudge icing, quick, 22 
Fudge pudding, hot, 

Funny bunny cake, 28 


fruit, 132, 156 

sunshine salad, 169 
Gingerbread. 96 

fire dog topping, 97 

whiz. 97 
Good kid cookies, 55, 


real cool combo, 83 
Grease, how to, 185 

Hamburgers, 104-107, 

104, 114, 

open-faced, 105 
saucy hamburger 
crumble, 106 
sloppy Joes, 107, 114 
Heart cake. 30-31,39 
Hot fudge pudding, 

Ice, how to crack, 62 
Ice cream cone cake, 

18, 74-75 

butter, 25 

coconut, broiled, 

coffee bread, 93 

penuche, 24 

quick fudge, 22 

whiz, 26 

See also Frostings 
Igloo cake, 14-15, 40 
Italian spaghetti, 144- 

Jolly breakfast ring, 
94-95, 116 

Kabobs, 68, 78 
Kitchen manners, 186 
Kix, 91 

Kix comets, 57 
Knead, how to, 185 

Lemonade, party, 60 
pink, 34. 60 

INDEX 190 


preparing, for 
salads, 124 
Liquids, measuring, 

Little man who wasn't 

there, 91, 118 
Long John Silver, 154 

menus, 102, 106-107 

Macaroni and cheese, 

Macaroons, whiz 

coconut, 139, 160 
Man in the moon, 90 
good, 141 
kitchen, 186 
cocoa continental, 

s'mores, 72 
Measuring rules, 181 
Measuring utensils, 

Meat balls, Swedish, 

Meat loaf, 146-147 
Melt, how to, 185 

backyard picnic 

lunch, 136 
breakfast, 83 
dad's birthday 
dinner, 168 
dinner from the 
garden, 146 
Mother's Day 

Special, 165 
picnic lunch in 

the woods, 66 
Saturday lunch, 102 
supper, 106, 107 
TV dinner on trays, 
Milk shake, chocolate 
fudge, 62 

Mince, how to, 185 
Mixing utensils for, 

Molasses crinkles, 52- 

Muffins, 131 

cinnamon, 100 

whiz, 100 

whuffins, 131 
Mulligan stew, 69 

Nut bread, whiz, 130 

Oatmeal cookies, stir- 

n-drop, 137 
Old Hobo Joe, 91 
Opera Fudge, 58 
Orange cake, 134-5 
Orange juice, 

tropical morning, 83 
Orange sauce, 134 
Orange sugar, 

toast topper, 82 

Paint, egg yolk, 48 
Paintbrush cookies, 

36-37, 48 
Pancakes, 88-89 

branded, 80, 88 

dollar, 89 

rolled, 89 
Party ideas, 46-47 
Party lemonade, 60 
Peach Melba, 83 

fruit gelatin, 132 

Raggedy Ann 
salad, 125 
Peanut butter, 

raisin, toast 

topper, 82 

bunny salad, 127 

canned, de luxe, 162 
Penuche icing, 24 
Picnics, menus for, 66, 

Pie shell, whiz, 176 
Pig in a poke, 91, 119 

Pigs in blankets, 


candle salad, 126 
fruit gelatin, 132 
sunshine salad, 169 
taste of Hawaii, 83 
Pink applesauce, 133 
Pink lemonade, 34, 60 
Pizza, American, 

Polka dot day-bright- 

ener, 83 
Potato salad, 128-129 

baked, 122, 165 
three men in a 
boat, 123, 159 
boiled, 164 
butter-fried, 67 
mashed, 164 
raw-fried, 166 
scalloped, 167 
Potatoes Anna, 166 
Pralines, caramel, 58 
Preparation of food, 
utensils used in, 
Protein Plus, 

man in the moon, 90 
Pudding, hot fudge, 

Pumpkin face cake, 

Raddish roses, 143 
Raggedy Ann salad, 

125, 158 
Raisin peanut butter, 

toast topper, 82 

Polka dot day- 

brightener, 83 
Fourth of July 

firecracker, 83 
fruit gelatin, 132 
peach Melba, 83 

INDEX 191 

Real cool combo, 83 

Red rouser, 35, 61 

Relishes, 142-143 
carrot curls, 142 
celery curls, 143 
radish roses, 143 

Rice, Spanish, 151 

Ring, jolly breakfast, 
94-95, 116 

Roll out, how to, 185 

Rolls, cinnamon, 
98-99. 117 

Safety rules, 179 
bunny, 127 
cabbage, 168 
candle, 126 
potato, 128-129 
Raggedy Ann, 125, 

sunshine, 169 
tips for making, 124 
Salad tips, 124 
Salt, measuring, 181 
Salted peanut crisps, 54 

cheese, grilled, 121 

touted, 108 
cheese dreams, 120, 

egg salad sandwich 

rolls, 109 
Long John Silver, 
Sauce, clear orange, 134 
Scout franks and 

beans, 72 
Shortcake, straw- 
berry, 157. 

measuring, 181 
soft, defined, 185 
Shred, how to, 185 
Sift, how to, 185 
Simmer, how to, 185 
Sloppy Joes, 107, 114 
Smiles, pig in a poke, 

S'mores, 72 
Soda, chocolate fudge, 

Spaghetti, Italian, 

Spanish rice, 151 
Stew, Mulligan, 69 
Stir, how to, 185 
fruit gelatin, 132 
real cool combo, 83 
taste of Hawaii, 83 
Strawberry pie, 176 
Strawberry shortcake, 
157, 174-175 
whiz, 175 
Sugar cookies, 50-51 
Sugar, measuring. 181 
Sunshine salad, 169 
P^upper menus, 106, 

Swedish meat balls, 

Table setting, 102, 

Table Topics. 141 
Taste of Hawaii, 83 
Three men in a boat, 

123. 159 
Toast. French, 85 
Toast toppers, 82 
Tools, measuring, 182 

Toss, how to, 185 

Winken, Blinken, 
and Nod, 90 
Tropical morning, 83 
Tuna burgers, 103 


for baking, 183 
for cooking, 180 
for mixing, 182 
for preparing foods, 

Vanilla, measuring, 

frozen, 162 
See also names of 
Velvet crumb cake, 

Velvet fudge cake, 178 

Wedgies, cabbage, 163 

pigs in blankets, 

Old Hobo Joe, 91 

ting-a-lings, 56 

whuffins, 131 
Whip, how to, 185 
White frosting, fluffy, 

Whuffins, 131 
Winken, Blinken, and 

Nod, 90, 118 

Zoo cake, 12-13,38 




This is a brand new kind of cook book planned by boys and girls for 
boys and girls. A panel of 12 Junior Testers picked out the 245 
recipes and ideas, and tested every one. 

Delightfully illustrated, this book is full of party surprises, des- 
sert ideas, camping-out specials, and plenty of easy-to-make good 
things to eat. There are many "how to" step pictures, and special 
pages on kitchen safety rules, utensils, and measuring instructions. 

Using this book, boys and girls can prepare any number of treats 
for their friends or for the whole family.